Bruce's French Toast Sticks
Prep Time 10 minutes
Servings 10 sticks

Bruce's French Toast Sticks

Fit And Healthy

Nutrition Info Per Serving


  • Loaf of Bread
  • Nutella
  • Creamy Peanut Butter
  • 12oz Bruce's Sweet Potato 
  • 4 eggs
  • 1/2 tbs cinnamon 
  • 1/3 cup milk 
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla extract

Steps to Prepare

  1. Using a rolling pin, flatten a single piece of bread. After flattening the bread cut the crust off. 
  2. Spread Nutella and Peanut Butter on one side of the piece of bread. Break apart pieces of Bruce's sweet potatoes and place on the Nutella and Peanut Butter. Roll the piece of bread. 
  3. In a bowl, mix together eggs, cinnamon, milk, and vanilla extract. 
  4. Have a pan heated with nonstick spray on the stove. 
  5. Dip the rolled up french toast stick into the bowl. Directly place the french toast stick onto a hot pan and cook. 
  6. Cook until brown on both sides. 
  7. Enjoy!