2017 Glory Foods and Bruce's Yams Holiday Cookbook

2017 Glory Foods and Bruce's Yams Holiday Cookbook

Happy Holidays from McCall Farms! We are thrilled to announce that Glory Foods and Bruce's Yams have teamed up yet again to bring you a brand new holiday cookbook for 2017. This cookbook features 14 wonderful recipes that are perfect for any holiday gathering, but also will work for everyday meals and snacks throughout the entire year.

The stars of these dishes are the perfectly seasoned Southern style canned vegetables and fruit, such as Glory Foods Skillet Corn Casserole, Black Beans & Rice Cabbage Rolls, delicious Honey Carrot Cake and many more perfect dishes.

The sweet potato dishes are made using Bruce’s Yams delicious Cut Sweet Potatoes in Syrup.

Impress your guests and send their taste buds to the next level with dishes such as these Crunchy Sweet Potato PancakeDouble Potato Ham Casserole and one of my personal favorites, Sweet Potato White Chocolate Truffles and many more delectable recipes.  This cookbook is perfect for all occasions, big or small. It could be used for Thanksgiving day or a small brunch with friends or family. We have you covered in this cookbook. 

We hope you’re hungry! Head over to Bruce’s Yams and Glory Foods to see even more recipes, and click here to view/print the Glory Foods & Bruce’s Yams 2017 Holiday Cookbook.


 About the chef:

All of the recipes featured in our 2017 holiday cookbook were developed or tested by Michaela Rosenthal, a competitive cook, recipe developer, food stylist and photographer. 

Michaela's recipes have been featured in Cooking Light, Bon Appétit, Taste of Home, the Los Angeles Times and many other publications. Michaela has cooked on the Travel Channel, Food Network and Good Morning America with Emeril Lagasse.

Her love of Southern food started 25 years ago when she met the late, great Chef Paul Prudhomme in California and was asked to assist him in his West Coast cooking classes.

For questions or comments about the recipes featured in this book you may contact Michaela directly at tangerine0thyme@yahoo.com.



Brad Gardner